Friday, January 7, 2011

Recipe - Takikomigohan

Takikomigohan spice up our dining at home from the usual white rice that most often is what our meals are based around. Takikomigohan is rice that is cooked up with whatever you are keen on throwing into the pot. It is an efficient way to use up small bits and pieces that are leftover in the fridge. Scraps of vegetables like carrots, mushrooms, and burdock root. Meat can be thrown in (chicken or pork) or grilled bits of fish if you like.

Rinse the rice as you normally would. Put it into the pot and add your vegetables and protein. Then add the liquid as you normally would. To add depth to the rice, add dashi or some sake, soy sauce, and mirin to the water.

Once the rice is cooked toss it. The takikomigohan here has mushrooms, chicken, kombu and burdock root. After it was cooked I added some toasted sesame seeds.

Here you see the rice served for breakfast with miso soup and in Shinji's bento for his lunch.